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  • Tuesday 6th August 2019

  • Measure performance beyond the traditional procurement performance metrics. The traditional focus on cost savings is impacting procurement’s ability to build positive and collaborative relationships throughout the business. How do organisations address this widening gap between its procurement teams and the broader business? How do they ensure that goals and objectives are aligned? The solution is to identify more business value-based performance measures.

  • In business we have become numb to PowerPoint presentations and so have our stakeholders. In this interactive session we will introduce and use interactive techniques and tools to help you wow even your fiercest critics, get their involvement, and better yet, get them to see the value of procurement and you! Seth Godin quote: “Art isn't only a painting. Art is anything that's creative, passionate, and personal. And great art resonates with the viewer, not only with the creator." Procurement is art but it is experienced - not seen. While many of you think that you don’t have authority to do something different, you do in so many ways… sure like designing a car, there are some other universal principals you have to adhere to… like gravity, the rest is up to you.” Be different, break the Mould and have fun!!!

  • In order to provide young people who enter the youth justice system on remand with a greater chance of successful outcomes, Oranga Tamariki has been developing community-based options such as ‘remand care homes’, which provide a secure and positive environment where young people can get the support they need to get their lives back on track. Historically, traditional methods of procuring social services have generally disadvantaged smaller, community providers, particularly Iwi / Māori organisations. Hear how Oranga Tamariki designed an award winning procurement process that identified a partner that had the proven capacity and capability around whanaungatanga, whakapapa and mana tamaiti, and the potential to co-design and deliver a successful youth remand service.

  • Agile has been a key theme for SaaS providers for a number of years, enabling rapid development and implementation of software solutions. What lessons can procurement draw from this that might help them to deliver better, faster outcomes?

  • What are the burning issues that you would like to discuss with your peers? This is your chance to set the agenda that you will explore later in the day with your peers in our first ‘un-conferencing’ session.

  • • Learn the cre8ive thinking skills used by innovators throughout the world in this highly interactive session. • Understand why we get stuck in ruts and how Lateral Thinking creates new ‘aha moments’ • Walk away with the skills to think outside the box – vital for exploring better ways to deliver value

  • Two x 20 minute Round-table sessions where delegates will come together to address the most popular of the key issues that were nominated and voted on earlier.

  • Is there a danger that in seeking to break the mould that we ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’? What should we keep and what should we let go? When might it be best to adopt traditional procurement methods and when might we look to rip up the rule book?